Learning through play

Our Advantage curriculum is specifically designed around 12 key themes to support our children’s learning through a play based approach.

At Advantage we have designed our own curriculum integrating the government’s Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to ensure your child’s early years experience is fun, happy, active and secure in order to reach their full potential. We link all learning and development to our own curriculum and to the Revised EYFS 2021 seven Areas of Learning and the three Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning (CoETL). All are inter-connected.

Your child will learn through playing, exploring and being active and creative, both indoors and outside. When they join Advantage, they will be assigned a ‘key person’ responsible for their care and learning, and you can ask them about your child’s progress at any time. For all children, parents will receive written information about their learning and development during their time in each room. For all 2 year olds, in partnership with parents, we complete a ‘Progress Check at Age 2’ in line with the 2 Year Health Review with their Health Visitor – a statutory requirement for us.

What are the EYFS areas of learning?

Quite simply, it is an exciting learning journey your child goes through between birth and age five. Within the EYFS, all early years professionals (nurseries, childminders, pre-schools) must ensure your child is kept healthy and safe and develops skills and knowledge ready for the next stage of learning and  future life. By following the seven areas of learning, we plan your child’s daily activities and experiences based on their interests and needs.

Characteristics of Effective Teaching & Learning

The Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning (CoETL), describe the behaviours children use in order to learn. The CoETL look at ‘how’ children learn – their motivation, engagement and thinking.

Children develop at different rates and at Advantage Day Nursery we look at how they interact with each other, adults and their environment and adjust our practice appropriately.

Advantage Curriculum

Our tailor made Advantage Curriculum is designed with the specific needs of children at our Nursery in mind. Within each of our 12 themes we have a sequenced set of goals we aspire our children to achieve for each stage of their Nursery journey and in readiness for the next stage in their education.

Forest School

Forest School is a unique educational approach, which is designed with the children at its core. Forest School can increase a child’s confidence and self-esteem through exploration, problem solving and being encouraged to learn how to assess and take appropriate risks depending on their environment, as well as giving the children a deeper understanding of the natural world.

During our Forest School sessions we give children the opportunity to play and explore in the great outdoors. We believe strongly in the power of nature to not only offer endless learning opportunities but also provide a nurturing environment to support your child’s emotional development.

Our philosophy is to focus on the child as an individual and nurture their journey through Forest School, building a sense of independence and confidence in their own abilities and interests. We aim to offer children experiences they may not have the opportunity to do in everyday life, from looking for bugs, getting muddy in puddles to cooking food in the fire bowl.