Food & nutrition

A healthy, balanced diet is essential if children are to have the energy to develop, learn and grow. At Advantage, we take nutrition seriously.

Our experienced, qualified chef works in partnership with a nutritionist and the nursery manager to create wholesome, healthy and balanced menus which the children love.

All meals are freshly prepared on site in our fully equipped kitchen, with fresh meat, fruit and vegetables sourced locally from independent suppliers. We provide breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack, lunch with pudding (homemade cakes are a favourite!) and a cooked tea, with vegetarians and special diets also catered for.

Our clever nutritional team fill the children’s main meals with hidden fresh vegetables, and babies are provided with pureed versions of the healthy solid foods provided for the older children.

Drinking Water is available to children all day.

Meal times are an important social event

Our staff and children sit down and eat together, as you would at home. This promotes interaction and helps younger children learn how to self-feed.