The quality of the care team at Advantage has been as carefully planned as the nursery itself

Advantage Day Nursery and Pre-School was planned and built in 2003 by a team of childcare professionals who were passionate about setting new standards in the design of children’s nursery facilities.

Our nursery manager, Hazel, was involved in the project from the outset, calling on her wealth of experience to create a warm and friendly environment where quality childcare could be delivered seamlessly.

The result is a nursery like no other – a bright and welcoming space that encourages children to play and learn in comfort, where staff can dedicate their full attention to care and education and where parents can feel secure that their child’s social, emotional and educational needs are professionally catered for.


Our fundamental philosophy that ‘a happy staff team makes for a happy nursery’ has been achieved by involving the nursery manager in every stage of the design and specification process that created Advantage.

  • Purpose-built, air-conditioned classrooms with adjacent children’s bathroom facilities
  • Plenty of outside space and indoor play areas, designed to stimulate children’s senses and enhance their learning
  • Equipment and toys selected by our team to help children develop to their full potential, or to offer home-from-home comfort
  • Spacious parking, reception and circulation areas that make drop-offs and pick-ups smooth and stress-free

Each room is individually designed with the age of the child specifically catered for


We have three beautifully designed gardens. Our back garden features artificial grass, a water pump, a sandpit, hills and tunnels to encourage physical development, motor skills and outdoor fun. Our side garden has a corkscrew slide for the children to zoom from the top deck outside the butterfly room to the bottom part and its climbing frame and sandpit. Our roof garden lets the children see the views far away.

We also have forest school for the preschool children where we take them off site to discover nature in its full glory. We believe in the power of nature to not only provide endless learning opportunities but also provide a nurturing environment to support the children’s emotional development and help them build a sense of independence and confidence.