Staying safe

We want parents to feel absolutely assured that they are leaving their child in safe hands, which is why security has been our priority from day one.

A safe environment

Our nursery was purpose-built with a high degree of visibility for each area, so staff can always be aware of the children’s wellbeing. The manager’s office is strategically sited to provide views of the nursery entrance, circulation areas, reception area and car park.

Surveillance systems have been incorporated in the construction of the building and we have our own spacious car park for stress-free drop-offs and pick-ups. Our outdoor play areas are shaded with UV-ray filtering sun canopies and have soft surfacing underfoot.

A team you can rely on

All our staff are thoroughly vetted through references, employment history checks, health checks, Ofsted and the Criminal Records Bureau check. Many of them are also qualified first aiders. We follow strict ratios of 1 member of staff to 3 Babies/Toddlers; 1 to 4 Nursery (2-3s) and 1 to 8 in Preschool (3-5years).

Routine testing

Fire drills are held regularly and alarm bells are tested weekly to ensure staff and children are aware of evacuation procedures.