Our curriculum

Our new Advantage Curriculum has been devised to extend and expand learning opportunities for our little learners.

Our Advantage Curriculum has been developed in line with the Revised Early Years Foundations Stage Statutory Framework 2021, which focuses on all children from Birth to the end of their Reception year at school, and as part of the compliance requirements. Our curriculum is based around 12 broad themes, covering all aspects of each child’s learning and development, within a play based approach.

The twelve themes run across all ages and stages. Our Advantage curriculum is simply the knowledge and skills we want the children to have at each stage of their learning. It is designed to show a sequenced approach to achieving the goals we have for our children at the end of each stage of their learning, whether moving between rooms or going to school.

Our aim is that all children reach their full potential and, with solid foundations in their early years experience, achieve success in their life socially, academically and in their future careers. We endeavour to teach and support children to become active, motivated and engaged learners who have a drive to be curious and are keen to explore, take on challenges, take risks and develop a life long love for learning. We want our children to be social, confident, secure and independent in all that they do.